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Usher Suits

We have a marvelous collection of Usher Suits ,Church Usher Uniforms and Choir Suits for Group Orders. It doesn't matter whether you have a small group or a huge organization... we have the experience and the resources to professionally dress your group in style!

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Denim Sets

To work, to play, to church or just for fun our Denim sets will have what you are looking for. Unique denim colors outside of navy. Denim embellished with rhinestones, zipper teeth, faux leather or faux suede. Denim in 2 or 3 parts sets, long skirts, flip skirts or short skirts denim cardigan, collared or faux fur trims.

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Casual Wear

A collection of novelty sets and ensembles that are casual in attitude but also appropriate suit for Church. Casual sets and ensembles are in fabrics of organza burn - outs, linen blends, faux suede's. Novelty trims gem stones in various shapes and colors. Skirts and pants vary by styles and lengths but can be worn to church.

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